Residents playing a game of cards

At Country Lane, we are dedicated to creating moments of joy

From the selection of our staff, to the development of our operations, we’ve made it a priority to maintain an environment that is not only safe and caring, but also fun and engaging.  Even the layout of our home is designed to keep everyone involved at a level where they feel comfortable.

Residents at Country Lane will have the opportunity to participate in various activities centered on what they have enjoyed doing throughout their lives, including:

  • Birthday parties
  • Movies
  • Daily events: Baking, art, trivia, storytelling/share time, card games, bingo, board games, therapy dog interaction, and exercise classes
  • Holiday parties
  • Entertainment: Music and singing groups, pianists, local volunteer organizations, and general activities to stimulate the conditioning of the mind and memory
  • Music therapy with the use of IPods
  • Animal friend visits: Pets may come and visit their owners for the day
  • Bowling
  • Puzzles

We encourage family members to be a part of any and all activities.

Resident painting outside
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