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Country Lane Memory Care Assisted Living


Cari Claussen owner and administrator


Located in a beautiful country setting in Riverton, Illinois, our state-of-the-art building will serve 50 residents in private or semi-private rooms.  Complete assisted care services are provided, including meals, medication management, nursing care, bathing, and dressing.

Cari Claussen has a deeply rooted passion to create quality care for individuals in the elderly population.  This drive to make a difference began when she visited her grandmother in a nursing home when she was just a teenager.  Her grandma had cancer and had lost her ability to speak.  Cari would arrive at the nursing home and find her grandma alone, frightened, and sitting for hours on a soiled chair pad because the staff neglected to properly care for her.  Her heart broke as she witnessed the deplorable treatment and she decided one day she would be a strong voice for the elder population. 

Upon completing her degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois-Springfield, Cari began working in the Psychiatric Program at St. John’s Hospital and within a year, became an Elder Abuse Investigator in Central and Southern Illinois.  Her career then took her back to the mental health field, specifically working with people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  After working with Alzheimer's residents in a memory care assisted living for 3 years as a program director, she realized how much a patient could benefit from living in a place that mirrored a loving and supportive home environment rather than a hospital.   Acting as an advocate for seniors and working with mentally ill patients brought Cari’s mission and dream into focus—she needed to open her own assisted living home.  

Cari’s dream become a reality in 2015 when her father Bruce Gillman agreed to be her business partner as he too understood the importance of quality care for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  They chose to build the assisted living home on a piece of family farm ground in Riverton, away from busy streets and noisy towns to provide a quiet country setting surrounded by hay and corn fields and stretches of forest.  Country Lane Memory Care would not be just another nursing home, but a small community of people supporting residents with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia as if they were family.

Daughter brushing her mom's hair

Since Country Lane is family owned and operated, Cari acts as the on-site administrator.  This means when a family has a question about Country Lane or the care plan for their loved one, they will be able to speak directly to her, just like a family member.  The staff at Country Lane specializes in caring for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  They understand the unique circumstances this population faces and works to make them as comfortable as possible.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about Country Lane Memory Care and the sense of community we offer.

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